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What is ACO ?

Ant Colony Optimization is the evolution of the Ant Algorithms, algorithms that were based on observation on ants. It is a metaheuristic algorithm that is used to solve complex problems (NP-hard) such as the Travelling Salesman Problem (in this problem, a salesman has to travel across each city in a minimum distance). There is a lot of litterate on ACO and TSP on the web...

Where does it come from ?

This implementation is based on the book from Marco Dorigo.

What about some results?

Here are some outputs of the TSP computation of using my framework. The red line represents the best-so-far solution, the other lines are colored with respect to their pheromone intensity.
  • Iteration 1:
  • Iteration 7:
  • Iteration 28:
  • Iteration 33:
  • Iteration 54:

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